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Okay, final step before your financial independence. Overnight Millionaire System Review You goal at this time must be to reach the Team Coordinator position. To do so, you will need to teach to your prospect how to teach the system to their new prospect. By doing this, you are going to convert your prospect into leader that can duplicate exactly what you did. Remember that whatever happens throughout your ACN Success trip, you be stay focused and consistent. Let's take a hockey player as an example. Every hockey players goal is to reach the NHL, and to achieve this goal they must practice everyday until the get call from their farm team. But if they get injury, they must start all over to get back at the top. It is the same thing with ACN. If you stop for 1 month, your team momentum will drop and you will have to start your business all over. Now you are probably telling yourself: Alright all this stuff is right but what is the best system that I should learn and teach? Well I asked myself the same question when I started with ACN and I got 3 months of frustration before I found the best duplicatable system. This system will trains your new people for you on how to create wealth through this opportunity. This system will teaches people how to market, generate leads, follow up with prospects, and enroll new distributors and then get to work. This simple duplicable system will dramatically increase your ACN Success. If you don't have a team system, you're going to experience frustration, doubt, and your team won't be able to grow quickly in the earliest stages of its development.




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