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A boot camp generally refers to the initial training and   Exogenous Keto Diet Review  instructions given to military personnel on recruitment. A fitness camp is similar to the military counterpart in many ways. People get to work-out outdoors like in a park, free from the monotonous environment of a gym. They get trained as a group, which focuses on everyone's fitness where there is a higher level of pressure to perform and derive results, than when training individually. Fitness camps are generally conducted by gyms or former military officers. The unique advantage of getting trained in a boot camp is that it does not use any expensive equipment. The fat-burners are involved in exercises like running, jogging, interval training. One of the special factors of such a fitness program is that the person learns how to use his/her body weight to reduce fat by doing exercises like push ups and sit ups. The goal of a fitness camp is generally to improve the general fitness of the camper and to improve his/her cardiovascular efficiency.   A person is motivated further in a boot camp to reach their goals than they would normally get in a gym. Gyms concentrate on individual fitness based on one's time and preferences. Chances are a person may lose his/her initial enthusiasm and may become lethargic to work in it. Such people hardly find any motivation to even go to the gym. A fitness camp is much more efficient as they get trained as a group with similar goals. Being in a group and constantly scrutinized by the others help such people to stay motivated. Seeing others progress also encourages them in staying in their fitness plan.




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